Africa Startup Tour


From Kigali to Accra, passing through Abidjan, Lagos, Gaborone, and Douala, Africa is experiencing the pulse of a new generation that views innovation and entrepreneurship as potent catalysts for transforming the continent.

Fab labs are emerging, incubators are being established, coworking spaces are proliferating, and start-ups are being launched, all fueled by a collective and shared aspiration to address present challenges and shape the future.

The Africa Start-up Tour actively supports this remarkable momentum. Our program has engaged mentors and startups in Dakar (2016), Abidjan (2017), and Cotonou (2018), mobilizing human and technical capital to foster the emergence and implementation of innovative business projects.

Annually, in collaboration with numerous partners such as the International Organization of the Francophonie and the West African Development Bank, the Africa Start-up Tour brings together over 150 young entrepreneurs and approximately thirty mentors and experts.

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