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Catalysing transformative change in Africa

Catalysing transformative energies

For the past decade, Initiative For Africa has been empowering agents of change, leaders, development institutions, researchers, corporations, decision-makers, foundations, and citizens to support the emergence of a strong African private sector.

From Dakar to Kampala, from Gaborone to Abidjan, from Cairo to Kigali, we believe in the limitless potential of this generation. We are creators of value, drivers of sustainable growth and optimists in action.


We believe that development is a joint effort involving decision-makers, the private sector and civil society alike.

Private Sector support

We support entrepreneurs and MSMEs that are transforming their communities through innovation and value creation.


Wytec Blue is a project led by DOTCAN Institute with the coordination support from Initiative For Africa and a network of partners. Its objective is growing technical capacity amongst women and youth for the promotion of safe, secure and sustainable blue economies.

We have joined forces with several global partners to create the #INFORAFRICA Alliance to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The #INFORAFRICA Alliance against the coronavirus aims to respond to the challenges faced by Africa in tackling the pandemic. The campaign engages with hundreds of opinion leaders, celebrities and other influencers to deliver preventive and lifesaving messages across the continent as well as supporting initiatives which fight the disease, create a positive impact on local communities and contribute to achieving resilience.